Letters to the Editor

The Tumbler Ridge Community Centre

My sister and I are here visiting from Nova Scotia (Halifax). One of the first places we visited her in Tumbler Ridge was the fantastic Community Center. The first thing we noticed was the large tree in the entrance way. Next we headed over to the Reception Desk. The friendly ladies there were extremely helpful. The best part yet?next was swimming! I found the pool extremely clean and the lifeguards were so friendly. One thing I noticed as soon as I got in was the crystal clear water was salted! That was the first time I had ever been in a pool that was salt water. I think the pool is a perfect size. There is room for everyone. I think that Tumbler Ridge citizens should be very proud of the nice pool that they have. I wish Halifax had a pool like that. Also I think that the hot tub is the biggest one I have ever seen. It is so nice. It looks like Hawaii. When I need to rest I relax in a big yellow tube. I think the trees, rocks and island is a great addition to the pool area. The only thing I would change about the pool is I would paint a big yellow sun on the ceiling. I think the outside of the sauna/steam room looks lie the outside of someone?s house. It kind of looks like you are swimming in someone?s backyard. After we were done at the pool we went upstairs to look at the dinosaur fossils. They are so educational. I found it so interesting how the plants, sheels and coral fossilized. Then we went home. What a great day trip we had. I think the Community Center looks great.

We also visited the library that day. I couldn?t believe how well organized it was and how clean, tidy and well kept it was.

From: Erika Daley

12 years old.

I Believe

To the Editor:

I want to thank the community of Tumbler Ridge for doing a fantastic job organizing the Emperor?s Challenge Mountain Run at Mt. Roman. We stayed at the scenic Lions campsite, which was very well maintained and had hot showers and free firewood. The hosts were great, mentioning events that were taking place such as a gospel music concert at the local high school.

At the race site the next morning there was a army of friendly volunteers. The excitement was electric. I would especially like to thank the Lions Club for all their help serving the food and the many organizations who financially supported this event.

Tumbler Ridge must be a great community. You have made me a believer.

Wes Irwin

Grande Prairie