Letters to the Editor


Awww…spring is in the air… Can you feel it? As the snow recedes from my flowerbeds and garden plots, I begin the duties of spring, and all of a sudden I feel something oozing through my fingers as I work the soil…ooh, never mind… at least 4 cats in the area have started to frequent their new-found litter boxes. NICE!!!

Awww…spring is in the air… Can you smell it? Sun-baked cat urine. That aroma that emanates up through the deck boards and off the side of the house as the sun comes around for the afternoon. NICE!!!

Awww… spring is in the air… Can you hear it? The yeowling howls of a female in heat, the yeowling of the tom closing in for his call to duty…all at 3 a.m. (time may vary) outside my window as I try to sleep. NICE!!!

I imagine you have guessed by now that I am not particularly fond of felines. If I were, and if I had one, I would hope that I would take measures to see that it did not become a nuisance to others. Now I?m sure you have all heard this one…?It?s not the animal?s fault, it?s the people who have them?. Well, I really can?t argue with that; although, I will say, that I have not had anyone come to me, and offer to clean up my flower beds or bleach down my deck supports. Hard to prove it is actually anybody?s cat when they don?t have to be licenced or wear a collar I.D. I guess.

Just in case you think I am being bias here, I?ve made a few observations over the years that have really got me stumped… I just love it when people do the noble deed of picking up after their dog, tie up the poop bag, and then throw it in the bushes…GOOD THINKING!!! Then there are the people who let there dog poop on someones lawn. I gotta tell you, just because you stand there looking all around, or up to the sky, it doesn?t mean that it?s not happening!!!!

Now, I?m guessing that by this point in my rant, there are some really peeved off people…OH WELL…let?s just put it down to airing my ?pet peeves?… if the shoe fits, by all means, feel free to wear it. If it doesn?t, then move on.

Believe it or not, I am an animal lover. I do not write this to be mean-hearted or unreasonable. I know there are hundreds of loving, responsible pet owners in TR. We all know the benefits to having pets. Added excerise, companionship, loyalty, unconditional love, and much, much more. Pets always seem to manage to make us feel better eventhough we are having a hard time and, they invaribly become an intregal part of the family.

I have to think there are a few who relate to this letter and would like TR by-laws to include cat issues. I have lodged a complaint with the by-law office, and sent a copy to mayor Larry White. My response from our mayor was comendable. Thank you for that Mr. White. He assures me that council is aware that this is a problem. Please, if you are having problems like I am, let the by-law office know. Being constructive with suggestions about possible solutions is always preferrable; and, may bring us to a plan of action more quickly. Let?s hope so anyway!

Yours truly,

Dorothy Milligan