Dear Editor,

In 1981 my husband (Dick) made his first trip to Tumbler Ridge, to scope out Quintette mine site and proposed town site. The company he worked for at that time was a supplier of numerous pieces of mining machinery to Quintette. As a result in September of 1981 he commenced to living for almost two years in three of the area?s numerous labour camps. Namely; 100 man, 350 man and 1000 man camp. After living in camps and assisting to erect mine machinery we were allowed to build a private home in TR. The moral of this story is we have lived in and watched the progress of our forested, beautiful, wilderness town from the beginning. All the green belts and parks were purposely left to enhance the town site and preserve the wilderness.

Now all of a sudden after a scare of fire three years ago, the powers that be have deemed it necessary (without petition or vote) to protect, or so they say, our once beautiful town. If we have a huge forest fire the green living trees that have been cut out would not have prevented this. With all the living trees removed, if we have a fire, there will be no trees to burn. So guess what, our houses for sure will burn. We all hope and pray something like this (California, Okanagan etc. etc.) never happens to us. With fires jumping rivers, highways etc. the only possible protector might be a 2 or 3 Kilometer wide fire break completely around our town. Is there any town in the world that has that?

I have discussed the cutting of the green trees with numerous Tumbler Ridge residents (Old-timers & New) and they all ask the same question, Why! Why! We all understand cutting the dead Beatle kill, but a great number of live, green trees?? Where are the environmentalists?? OR do they know?

Many of us are devastated by the bareness & mess of our town site. The spindly Aspen trees are left waving in the wind. One good wind in the dead of winter and many of these ugly trees that are left will fall over because they on longer have other trees to support them. Furthermore, with all these bare spots the wind will whip thro? the town all the more & feed a fire.

We don?t hear of McKenzie, Grand Cache, Fort McMurray, Hinton etc. cutting out all the greenery in their towns. We?ll never in a hundred years replace all the live trees that were mowed down.

Very! Very! Sad- I wonder what all the Tourists thought or think of the devastation of our once Really! Really! Beautiful wilderness town.

Dick & Irene Lekei