This past three and a half years PALS (Pets & Loving Seniors) of Tumbler Ridge has helped many residents on low fixed incomes with either emergency vet costs, paying partially or the entire bill depending on different circumstances.

Our project is nearly one hundred percent funded by recyclable containers, liquor, pop, and juice, whatever you pay a deposit on with the exception of milk products. We have great support from some merchants that allow us to have a drop off container, also the Speiker Apartments and Community Centre and most of all a number of residents.

The need is there and we have paid out thousands of dollars over these past three and half years.

We also support the Dawson Creek SPCA but always first are the needs of Tumbler Ridge residents.

This volunteer work is carried out by myself and Shirley Hanberg. We both feel that because it is confidential by choice of pet owner that no stories of our projects reach the public and therefore all the animal lives we have saved are a well-kept secret.

This past year we have seen a big decline in donated empties and therefore a drop in funding. We are the only project in town that is TOTALLY dependent on your empties; we are concerned that this may be the final year we can do this. All our work is volunteer and we cover any miscellaneous costs. None of this money is for our personal self-enjoyment other than the fact we love animals and want to help our four legged friends and their owners. I am asking that if anyone has a story about a pet PALS has saved that they write the paper and have it published. I know the editor can withhold names as long as she knows herself who is sending in the article.

If you have empties to donate (we love beer cans) but will take everything, you can call Shirley Hanberg at 250- 242-4413, myself at 250-242-1046 days & 250-242-4624 evenings. Empties can also be dropped off at 280 Steeprock (just inside main entrance).


you for your support.

Lynn Way