?Liberal Scandals leave Prince George – Peace River Waiting?

Ottawa ? Jay Hill, Member of Parliament for Prince George-Peace River, made the following statement in the House of Commons today:

?Mr. Speaker, Canadians aren?t fooled by this so – called ?new? Liberal government and Prime Minister. They know it?s still the same old Liberal government that they have endured for a decade.

In my riding of Prince George-Peace River, constituents are still waiting for this government to properly address the environmental disaster brought on by the Mountain Pine Beetle infestation. They?re waiting for a resolution to the softwood lumber dispute with the United States that has closed mills and left so many without a job. They?re waiting for the government to come up with a workable assistance program that will actually help beef producers devastated by the Mad Cow crisis. They?re waiting for quality health care to arrive in our remote northern region of the country, where we continue to face a severe shortage of doctors. And they?re waiting in vain for tax relief while this government continues to throw their money away on scandal after scandal after scandal.

Just like my constituents, after 10 years as their MP, I am increasingly frustrated with this government?s misplaced priorities. Canadians deserve better and with the Conservative Party of Canada they are going to get it!?