Library Christmas PJ Party

Pink pajamas, striped pajamas, blue pajamas, every kind of pajamas and funny slippers all over the place! Tuesday night, December 13th was the Christmas PJ Party, held at the Tumbler Ridge Public Library. A roomful of 33 kids, all different ages, sat near the front area waiting for the big red elf, Santa Claus.

The party was an open invitation for those who believe and the kids were first read ?Twas the Night Before Christmas? a standard and beloved story written by Clement Clarke Moore. Reading the story was Joanna Ferrari. The children arrived by 6:00 pm and Santa did not keep them waiting long!

By 6:15 he had arrived and with the help of a spritely ?anonymous? elf, he sat in a giant red Santa chair and as each child filed by, he handed all a gift from his red Santa gift bag.

The children all thanked him and sang him a song. He had one question from a young girl upon his knee. ?Santa, I want to ask you.? Santa tipped his glasses back and looked into her twinkling eyes. ?Yes?? he prompted her. She hesitated and then with careful thought, ?Do you have reindeer?? he nodded and said yes, adding they were parked outside?on the roof. Rather excited she said, ?I want to see them!? Santa chuckled and said, ?Well that might be a problem. You see, they are on the roof and we can?t go up there to see them. ?A bit disappointed, Santa and his elf assured her she could see pictures of reindeer in books and on television shows. Satisfied she climbed down and all was right with the world once more. With that, Santa made sure the rest of the children had a chance to see him and had their special parcel and off he went, to visit children in other places.

This event was sponsored by the Tumbler Ridge Public Library and was free of charge to the children.

Holiday Library Hours

The library will be closed over the holidays from December 23-26, and from December 31 to January 2, 2006.