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Welcome back! I hope everyone feasted well, if not on Rice, Chicken and Shrimp delicacies then perhaps you knocked the stuffing out of the Wee Beastie and had a wee dram to help wash it down.

It?s all a matter of taste eh! But as long as ye enjoyed it lads and lassies ?It?s all good.

By the by, for all those who put their game faces on and shuffled tiles on Saturday and scrambled their grey matter, well done. The players ranged from novices to Scrabble pros. Aewosem Bonus 7 letters ? 50 pts WOW! Great fun! Kudos to Peter the official word judge (the book is Law) and to Loraine for it?s inception. This could be the start of something.

Meanwhile back at the Library —– Here?s what?s new without further ado.

Feb 11th Itchy Feet Presenter Dr. Charles Helm.

Charles highlights The Monkman Pass and Alex Monkman. The Man: broncobuster, miner, dog runner, trader, ?pioneer farmer? trailblazer, social activist, dreamer. The Dream: Connecting the Peace Region to a coastal market by Rail, then by Highway. The Monkman Pass Highway was almost a reality. From Grande Prairie to Prince George – 190 miles through magnificent scenery

How close did Alex Monkman and his fellow activists come? Can their goal still be achieved? Drop in to the library; could be important, Interesting for sure.

Feb 11th Wednesday Club Valentine Celebration

Feb 16th 11:00 -1:00 Reading Club for Women brought to you by

TR Library & Women?s Program @TRCS presents Read for Reward ? Meet monthly every third Monday For more info call: Michelle at the Library 242-4778 or Janette D. at the Counseling Centre 242-5505

Feb 20th 9:30 and 10:30 Story Time for 2004 ? second session.

Pre-registration in the Library. Cost $5.00/ 6 week $2.Drop In

Ucoming story themes are:

Feb 20th Love Your Day

Feb 25th Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Feb 27th Once Upon A Time

March 5th Hooray for Dr. Seuss (Seuss?s birthday is March 2nd)

March 22nd ? March 26th


Age:School Age Children Cost: n/c BUT must be pre-registered

The Library, always something innovative going on ?You gotta love it !