Knowledge is Power – ?Imagination is more important than knowledge?. Einstein right ? Develop both at your local library n/c as usual.

THE ATLANTIS BLUEPRINT, by Rand Flem-Ath & Colin Wilson. (Just reading it actually). If you were into Chariots of the Gods, the Search for Atlantis, the Super Race in the 70?s & 80?s then this book will be of interest. Inside you will encounter Browns Gas, it cuts through steel and wood but doesn?t burn your skin. Very, very intriguing to say the least. Put your name on the waiting list.

The Power Point Hot Dog Sale (outside Shop Easy)

The Mother?s Day Ride for Books in conjunction with the Grizzly Saddle Club?s 20th anniversary was snowed out and rejuvenated a week later and what a turnout, a beautiful Sunday (what?s a little rain?). People of all ages having fun communing with nature and horses of all sizes. Stetsons off to all who attended, big and small, especially the volunteers and the Saddle Club for all their efforts to make this event a community success. Thanks to Shop Easy who provided hot dogs, pop and the fixin?s and? to Lynn Way for going the extra mile, always a huge community supporter. Lynn brought in 5 doz. carnations for the Mothers? Day event, however, #*%#^# happens and Mother Nature on a whim decided to drop a few snowflakes (about 3 inches) and the carnations kept their cool and waited. Unfortunately they didn?t quite make it. But again Lynn stepped up and waived the cost.

New Stuff – Eco Kids is alive and well! Check with Sharon for particulars. June 26th – Watch for the Summer Reading Clubs Grand Opening.