Approximately 20 people attended the Library AGM held this past Monday. The incoming Board will serve for a two year and five year term. Elected are Jill Mason, Chair, Lori Spinney, Vice Chair, Secretary Janet Delpierre and Advisor Janet Hartford. Barry Blackman has been elected Treasurer, and Trustees are Pat Kelly, Gary Doonan, Bob Norman and Scott Harnum.

Outgoing Chair Larry White spoke to the incoming board and members stating: ?There are some people who need to be recognized for their commitment to the library. First, there are those who followed through with their commitment to the library and to the other members of the library Board and completed the year in spite of some hectic times. Our council rep, Lynn Way attended the meetings, gave advice and wholeheartedly supported the library at Council. We could not have asked for a better rep.

The most valuable member of any Board is the secretary. It is most important to have an impeccable record that documents all Board and Committee proceedings. A Board is defined by the record keeping and it is these minutes that are invaluable for reference and for future Boards to draw upon. Carmen Pegg stepped up when we were left hanging and has done a splendid job.

Lorrie Spinney, who assumed the Vice Chair and Chair of the Personnel Committee in April, has done a stellar job.

I wish to thank Michele Burton for her work and total co-operation with the board members. The rapport with the public has really endeared you to them.

I wish to acknowledge the staff, our permanent staff of Krystyna and Sharon and of Maureen whom we acquired through HRDC and to all the pages. It is the face to face contact with the public that dictate what kind of library we will have. The Board and the users of the library thank you all.

And of course I wish to give a big thanks to our volunteers who make this place.

I want to go back to the Board members for a moment. It is a volunteer position that, at times, requires a considerable amount of work. By law, without a Board there can be no library. What I find amazing that there are several who pay to be on this Board. I mean they hire a baby sitter to be at these meetings. That is dedication and I want everyone to think about that for a minute and recognize that fact. So, the decisions the Board made this year were for the benefit of the library and the community as a whole, without personal gain and without bias to anyone.

Unfortunately, we have had quite a turnover of directors during the past year. Some, because they moved, others for personal reasons, some because it wasn?t what they thought it would be like. This brings a lack of continuity and loss of corporate knowledge. I urge those who are planning to become directors to be ready to make that commitment for at least one year at a time. I hope you are willing to work for this wonderful library.

I have to say that I have enjoyed my time as a member of this Board. Working with you wonderful people was a rewarding experience.

Larry White

TRL Board Chair 2004