Lifeforce Teams Performs Mystery Beach

Opportunities to enjoy entertainment from outside this community are far and few between. A group of traveling performers was in Tumbler Ridge the evening of May 9th at the Community Centre to bring a fresh new show geared mainly towards young people in an effort to make positive life choices. Approximately 20 people were in attendance.

Lifeforce Teams is an organization based out of Calgary, which sends out actors to perform shows across the country. Mystery Beach was brought in under the request of House on the Rock Church, coordinated by Pastor Ben Kostamo.

The stage was simple and streamlined. Black curtains, a beverage bar, a few chairs and an interactive screen in the center. Perched close by was a projector that ran intermittently when needed within the show. Interestingly, the filmed segments included the actual actors in such situations as reiterating their alibis when a murder occurs at a resort called Mystery Beach. It played out like a primetime episodic, with very tongue in cheek references. At one point the lounge singer even sang the theme song known for the very popular television show CSI.

The cast included seven actors, all from Calgary except for two. From Tumbler Ridge was our own Shawna Spratt. From Calgary were Dave and Erin Schellenberg, Victor Zondag, Kathy Jameus, Karmen Whitbera.

From Wisconsin was Debby Shaff. They were an extremely friendly group of people, very at ease with the youth before and after the performance. The plot of the play, which took about a month of rehearsal, four hours a day, three times a week involved some hard issues such as vanity, drugs and promiscuity.

These types of venues are an attempt to spotlight some important issues facing our young people and the hope that discussion and exposure will lead them to having a better quality of life than if they made negative choices. Lifeforce teams are an international organization and more information can be found at