Lion?s Club Annual Duck Races

Labour Day saw a crowd gathering at the Lions Campground to launch the sixth annual duck races, hosted by the Tumbler Ridge Lions Club.

This event is a fundraiser for the Lions Club, and as Frank Walsh, president of this organization says, ?the proceeds are used to help the needy in our community.? All 500 ducks were sponsored and were released at Flatbed Creek at 2pm.

The current in the creek is fast so the ducks made their quarter mile run in short order. The ducks are monitored by volunteers on the creek run to prevent them from hanging up on obstructions. Each duck is numbered, with the first three crossing the finish line in the prizes.

Prize winners were Beulah Walsh from Kelowna (first place, $200), Steve McCurdy from Chase (second

place, $100), and Blaze Bressers from Tumbler Ridge (third place $50)

The weather was a little cool and the Lions Club offered barbecued hotdogs and burgers for the race onlookers.

The release of the ducks was handled by volunteers Evelyn Sankovic and Tim Snyder with, David Falcon, Jeff Cooper and George Smith and volunteer helper Bob Strang at the finish line. All the ducks were recaptured successfully and collected and bagged by Elaine Cooper and Frank Walsh.

Frank Walsh would like to express a thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard to make this project a success.