Lion’s Club to hold September fundraiser

A September fundraiser for the Lion’s Club of Tumbler Ridge will be their first annual duck race at 2 pm on Sept. 5. The ducks will be racing in Flatbed Creek through the Lion’s campground. First prize is $200. Second is $100. Third is $50. Ducks can be purchased for $5.00 at the Community Centre, and the following business’s: The Caboose, Liquore store, Cold Beer & Wine store, Jade Hardware, Tags, Shell, Northern Metalic, Ridge Cafe, Bottle Depot, and Vicky’s Moonstone Barber Shop. There will also be a table at Sunday’s Dino Days at the Lion’s campground, where ducks can be purchased up until 1pm on Sept. 5. In charge of the ducks is Lion’s member, Ken Gessner.