Local Artists? Show Now Open in Dawson Creek

July 27th was a big day for local artists Darcy Jackson and her daughter Amanda Wiebe as their show at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery opened. The exhibit, which runs until August 22nd, features 120 wonderful water colour paintings, drawings and sketches by both mother and daughter.

?So far the show has been a great success!? Darcy exclaimed. The show, named ?The Complete and Unknown Works of Amanda Vinci and Darcini?, is a complete play on Renaissance painters, particularly Leonardo da Vinci. Jackson and Wiebe are trying to portray how da Vinci had unfinished works as well as completed works. The exhibit shows the development of drawings, paintings, and works-in-progress as well as completed works to give the viewer an idea of how the renaissance painters progressed with their works.

Jackson has a wonderful talent for making her works of art seem almost alive on the canvas. Her first love is portraits, but she would like to start doing more landscape pieces, particularly of Tumbler Ridge?s beautiful surroundings. Wiebe, age 16, shares her mother?s artistic talent, but she tends to focus more on animals and landscapes than portraits. Although, no matter what they paint, draw or sketch, it is all stunningly beautiful.

At the show they have sold four of their paintings so far, and are hoping that more will sell as the end of the show draws closer. ?We are hoping that tourists from all over the world will come to see our show,? Jackson explains, ?as Dawson Creek is Mile Zero for the Alaska Highway and is such a tourist attraction. Perhaps our works will be scattered throughout the world and not just throughout the Peace Region!?

There are lots of smaller works being sold for under $100 so people can take them home as souvenirs, but the larger works can be priced up to $2500.

Jackson and Wiebe have now lived in Tumbler Ridge for five years, and are thrilled to do a local show. ?It is awesome to be able to do a show so close to home.? Jackson says ?It is the best show I have had in a series of shows throughout BC and Manitoba.?

Jackson would like to put on more shows in Dawson Creek in the future, as well as possibly putting on a show in Tumbler Ridge.