Local Athlete runs Marathon in Victoria

Tumbler Ridge?s Birgit Sharman achieved a long-cherished ambition ? after months of intensive training she completed her debut marathon in Victoria on 9 October. She completed the gruelling event in 4 hours 14 minutes and 9 seconds, well inside the 4:20 she was hoping for. That?s a long time to be on your feet, and to put this in perspective, she finished in the top half of all marathon finishers: 1202 out of 2234.

Birgit speaks of her experience with infectious enthusiasm: ?My first marathon experience was a great one! I arrived in Victoria early enough to be able to drive the course the day before, and managed to get a decent night?s sleep. It was amazing to watch the start of the half marathon, with over 3700 participants ? I kept thinking that it was more people than live in Tumbler Ridge! When the marathon started at 9AM I was ready, and managed to stick to a comfortable pace among the sea of people. The weather was ideal at about 13 degrees and slightly overcast, so overheating was not a problem. I concentrated on drinking lots, and tried to remember to enjoy the fabulous scenery along the way.

The spectators were hugely supportive, with one group offering biscotti and beer to runners! I came across the finish line with a smile on my face. Now my goal of running a marathon has been accomplished, and the Royal Victoria Marathon was the perfect place to do it.?

Birgit is already back running on the trails around Tumbler Ridge, easily doing a 10 km run last weekend without a hint of the stiffness that plagues most marathoners after the race, and has made use of the early snow to get in some unexpected cross country skiing.

Congratulations Birgit on this achievement!