Local athlete takes UBC by Storm

Trent Ernst, Editor


After placing third two years ago and fourth last year, local Daniel Helm took the Super Ironman category at the storming the wall competition at the University of British Columbia.

Storm the Wall is a week-long event organized by student volunteers at the UBC Recreation department. The race itself consists of a 225m swim, a 450m sprint, a 3.5km bike, and a 750m run, followed by a climb over a 12 foot wall. If doing it as a team, all members have to go up and over the wall before their time is stopped.

Helm says the event is one of his favourites of the year. “It brings the campus community together in an atmosphere of friendly competition.”

Also, says Helm, “it’s a good opportunity to run around in a Speedo and people are ok with it.”

While the event attracts many teams, it is possible to do the event solo. “If doing it as an individual in the Ironperson event, Women are allowed to have the help of someone on the ground to push them up and over the wall, and Men are allowed the help of someone on top of the wall who’s arm they have to jump and grab,” says Hem. “In the Super Ironperson events, women are allowed the help of someone on top of the wall, who’s arm they have to jump and catch, and men have to make the jump unassisted.”

It was this category that Helm entered into and won. “I knew I could probably get over the wall eventually, but I just wasn’t sure how long it would take,” he says. “Luckily I had a good day at the wall, and it only took me a dozen or so attempts to grab the top.”

He says everything aligned for the winning jump. “My last jump was the best one I’ve ever had, and I was able to get my entire hand over the top.”

Helm is a member of the UBC Triathlon Club, who are jokingly referred to as the UBC Storm the Wall Club, he says, due to their dominance throughout the week. “This year Tri Club members took top spots in the Men’s and Women’s team events, Men’s and Women’s Ironperson Events, and the Co-Rec team (mens/womens combined).”