Local author donates copy of book to library

Trent Ernst, Editor


Terry Simpson didn’t plan on writing a


The book, however, had other plans

for him.

According to Simpson, he woke up one morning, and the idea for the book was in his head. “I couldn’t get over to the computer fast enough,” he says.

As he wrote, the ideas kept coming and the world kept expanding until, in the course of about three months, the book was nearly complete.

Simpson says his sister did a lot of work as both agent and publisher for him. “If there were an encyclopedia entry for world’s worst speller, you’d find me,” says Simpson. “I once got minus one on a spelling test because, not only did I spell every word wrong, I forgot to capitalize my own name.”

The book, Callum’s Quest, is the story of an Iowa farm boy who goes to visit his grandfather in Scotland and winds up transported to another dimension called “the Land.”

While Simpson says that the reason he set the land in a fantasy universe is so he didn’t have to do any research (“If I said something worked this way, that’s the way it works, because it’s my land”), he also hints that readers might see similarities between the Land and the real world.