Local Belly Dance Troupe

Belly Dance instructor Janet Delpierre has made great progress in a short amount of time. Her first group of beginner dancers started last September and will be completing their first level before April 7th which kicks off the new class.

The classes for belly dance are: beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional. Delpierre is professional level and has danced with the Rukkassah Dance Troupe in Medicine Hat, prior to her arrival in Tumbler Ridge. She has been dancing for about five years and has branched out into teaching. One reason, she says, is to unite a group of dancers that makes for a more interesting performance. Another side venue, she adds, ?is to create business for Tumbler Ridge.? By that, she means the perk that has convinced local business ?Impressions? to be a distributor of the costuming the ladies wear for public performances. Delpierre says that there are no current suppliers in Northern Canada where belly dancers can go in and get their costumes. Her collaborative efforts with troupes in Fort St. John and Chetwynd mean that they too can purchase costumes from the Tumbler Ridge store.

April 1st will be the first public performance for these ladies, at their Open House. The troupe will be busy in the next little while, as they will be performing at the upcoming talent show for Theatre On The Ridge, as well as heading to Fort St. John in April to dance during BC Arts & Culture Week.

The group of women varies in their reasons for wanting to do this, but a common theme was certainly curiosity and intrigue of the exotic art form. Delpierre met one of her students, Sara Hunter, the first time she danced for Tumbler Ridge at a previous talent show and Hunter was involved with the young people?s theatre group. Two of Hunter?s friends followed suit and one of the mothers as well. Karen Baxter joined with daughter Selene and it has become a good activity for the two. They love the costumes, the music and the teamwork it promotes. Others joined because it looked like fun and good exercise.