Local boys are hero?s to vacationers

It can ruin a vacation faster than you can say keys. Imagine having a great day swimming in the sun, hiking on beautiful trails and enjoying a fun learning experience and ending the day by going to your car only to find that your keys are gone. That was what happened to a young mother with three young children last week. After spending the evening at Flatbed falls Jaimelia, her children and her mother were returning to their vehicle when Jaimelia found that her keys were missing. The group was panicked and used the remaining daylight to search for the missing keys. It was now just about dark, there was a group of men drinking at the falls and this young family was very concerned about things when two young men came to the rescue.

Riley Muise and Ryan Head had spent the evening fishing at the creek and were on their way home when they became aware of Jaimelia?s dilemma and offered to help. Ryan and Riley went back to the falls and spent about twenty minutes looking for the keys. ?It was just to dark to see anything, so we were heading back to the parking lot,? said Jaimelia. ?I had given up because of the dark and we couldn?t see the keys.? As Riley and Ryan walked up the steep trail, they spotted the missing keys and returned them to their very relieved, rightful owner.

?She was really surprised because we found the keys and it was really dark,? said 14-year-old Ryan. She kept on calling us heroes because we helped her when it was really dark and she didn?t know the trail.?

?This is my first visit to Tumbler Ridge and the people here have been friendly over and above my expectations,? said Jaimelia. ?Tumbler Ridge relies on tourism and these boys were just an example of what this town is all about.?