Kees and Christine Vandeburg, who own the Dollar Store and the furniture store on Main Street, successfully bid on supplying the Wilderness Lodge with some of their furniture needs. On Monday morning mattresses were delivered to the lodge from Vanderburg?s supplier in Prince George.

The Wilderness Lodge has purchased other materials locally, including supplies from Tumbler Ridge Building Supplies in the Commercial Park.

These purchases are an indicator of the prosperity that is beginning to return to Tumbler Ridge after several rather grim years of inactivity after the mines closed their doors. During those early years the future for Tumbler Ridge seemed bleak, with many of the houses empty, and the downtown core with a handful of businesses open. The Royal Bank closed its doors here, followed by our drugstore which also closed. Thanks to the resurgence in natural resources, the hard work and dedication of mayor, council with the support of the District staff, and projects like the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre (PRPRC) the community is thriving and has the services typical of most communities.

As the community grows the demands for goods and services from local business is on the rise. Ask any Tumbler Ridge business these days how they are doing, and they are likely to tell you that they are busy!

Good news for potential garage and home builders in Tumbler Ridge is Tumbler Ridge Concrete, who have just recently opened their doors, allowing local businesses to purchase concerete in town instead of having to truck it in.