Local Group meets with MLA

Concerns over the partnering agreement between the District and the developers of the Wilderness Lodge has gone up a level.

A group of concerned citizens contacted Blair Lekstrom to air their problems to the MLA. Media were specifically asked not to attend, but after the meeting, Lekstrom took a moment to talk to Tumbler Ridge News.

?As MLA I came out to listen to the concerns of this group of citizens, which fell under the Community Charter,? Lekstrom says. ?My commitment to these people is that if they ask me direct questions in writing, I will find answers for them.?

Before the meeting started, Fire Chief, Shorty Smith was asked to leave. Two reasons were given, one, it was a private meeting and two, he was viewed as being a District employee.

Lekstrom says that while there were some interesting issues raised at the meeting, it also generated criticism of Council.

?I was very upfront with this group. Your elected officials were voted in by democratic process and in all of my time working with the Tumbler Ridge Mayor and Council I have had nothing but the utmost respect for them in ensuring the future of this community. The Municipality uses a highly respected local government law firm which was contacted in relation to this agreement.?

Earlier this month, MLA Blair Lekstrom responded to the Speech from the Throne. Here is an excerpt:

“There are two ways to look at life, and there are two ways to look at government. There are two ways to look at everything we do. One is through a negative lens, and one is through a positive lens. I can tell you that when you look at life through a negative lens every day of your life, pretty soon there’s no turning back. There’s no hope. There are no dreams for your future, because a negative attitude breeds negative results. A positive attitude breeds positive results, and that’s what I like to bring every day of my life. Whether it works out that way is up to the day to decide, but that’s how I approach it, and that’s how I believe we can build a better province”.