Local groups send quilts to Canadian Troops in Afghanistan

On April 24th, members of The Ladies Auxiliary, Quilter?s Guild, Red Hat Society, and Happy Hookers, in Tumbler Ridge gathered together for a tea and luncheon. The groups who attended had sewn and knitted 36 quilts to send to Canadian Troops in Afghanistan.

Grace Walsh, President of the Ladies Auxiliary (LA), said that the idea for the project came about when the LA received a letter from BC/Yukon Command. BC/Yukon Command is a monthly circulation newsletter distributed to all LA groups throughout the province. Walsh said the newsletter mentioned that LA groups in the lower mainland were making quilts for Canadian troops in Afghanistan. This project is now being started in Dawson Creek.

Walsh emailed the contact person in the newsletter to find out how the project could be started in Tumbler Ridge. The contact person, who was from Germany, guided Walsh through the process.

When Walsh mentioned this at a LA meeting, members were excited about the project. They began quilting right away.

The guidelines for the project were also posted in the newspaper and attracted many other groups within the community as well.

During the luncheon, Walsh read an email that was sent another LA member (author unknown) about Canadians across the country who wear red every Friday in order to support the Canadian troops in Afghanistan until they return home. The movement is called Red Fridays. Walsh said that the LA group will also follow the movement and wear red on Fridays as well.

Walsh thanked the groups for their hard work and dedication, ?These quilts were made from the heart.

Each quilt wrapped in a Canadian flag ribbon enclosed a keychain from the Royal Canadian Legion, a small Canadian flag patch, a postcard of Kineuso Falls, and a pin from the District. ?It will be a nice gift from home when the soldiers see these?, one person commented.

In the fall, the groups will gather together again to send more quilts. Walsh said that there are 18 quilts currently being made, and any member of the community who wants to contribute is welcome to do so. The quilts made for the fall project will be shipped in December. If anyone is interested in making one of these blankets, please call Grace at 242-4609 for the Guidelines.