Local Performers Hold An Evening of Performing Arts

Who would have thought that a town the size of Tumbler Ridge could have such a diversity of talent? From classical piano to heavy metal, from belly dancing to poetry, from acting to inspirational art, the crowd who attended this entertaining evening were showered with a wide variety of acts.

Bruce Zimmer, Master of Ceremonies welcomed everyone and set the stage for what was to follow. The evening began with Tumbler Ridge Senior Secondary drama productions. These included an interpretive play called ?Friendship? which was choreographed and directed by Ben Kostamo. A Neil Simon monologue, ?The Star Spangled Girl?, was performed by Elizabeth Smith. The seriousness of the first play was followed by the comedic touches of Jake Golightly and Jenna Trudeau in a play called ?Blind Date?. ?Blind Date? was followed by Selene Baxter, Stefanie Buhler, Brendon Evans, Dawn Friesen, Jennifer Miller and Crystal Pennicard in ?Homecoming Interview?. The final play of the evening was ?Girls?, which featured Naomi Buhler, Lacey Marshall, Kylie McPherson and Dakota Popovich. TRSS Drama teacher, Tanya Drover, directed the final four plays.

Next in the line-up were Carolyn Golightly, Alexa Golightly, Dayna, Sharai and Joan Zimmer. The audience watched as blank canvases became works of art. Joan Zimmer used a luminescent chalk technique called ?Chalk Talk?, in which a black light changed the picture from simply a lovely work of art to a glowing work of art.

Janet Delpierre, Tumbler Ridge?s resident belly dancer, wowed the audience with her graceful movements.

Crystal Pennicard began the music portion of the evening singing Accapella. The Gospel Truth followed with their inspirational, country music. Brian Bray, Ann More and Erin Hanna did their rendition of ?Big Yellow Taxi?.

The Abatoirs performed a song written by Trent Ernst called ?Killing Time?, which set the stage for some heavier music. Insufficient Funds, a band consisting of Stu Bell, Bryce Beattie, Matt Buhler and Adam Younge, did a great job. Ray Proulx, Trent Ernst, Dillon Rochon and Matt Buhler, ?We Like To Play?, did two songs written by Proulx. The evening ended with ?We Like To Play? being joined by Stu Bell and Adam Younge doing the Guns and Roses? hit ?Sweet Child of Mine?.

This evening was made possible through a Community Project Award from CJDC/NTV. The Grant was awarded to local Northern Lights College student Lori Holmester, to sponsor a community event. The proceeds that were raised will go to the TRSS Arts and Drama Department.

Carolyn Golightly, Tanya Drover, Pamela Broderick and Erin Hanna did a wonderful job organizing this event. ?It?s great to see months of planning and practice come together in spite of technical difficulties early on?, said Carolyn Golightly.