Local runner heads out for a quick, 100 km run


On Sat May 23, local long distance runner Terri Gale had a chance to run the Blackfoot 100km Ultra marathon just outside of Edmonton. The race organizers like to call it “Death by a Thousand Hills”. Terri likes to call it a ‘cruisey trail’ through the rolling hills of Cooking Lake Blackfoot Recreation Area east of Sherwood Park. Terri ran this event two years ago and had to drop out after 75km due to a small case of Bronchitis so she was itching to finish this one this year. She had her doubts whether she could finish this year as well because she couldn’t train for about 11 weeks due to injuries.

Terri said that the new 27km trail loop around Tumbler Ridge was just the inspiration that she needed to hit the trails this year in a fresh and new way. Finishing the 100km race was one of the hardest things that she has done due to the lack of training. She had to “puke lots “ and muster up every ounce of energy that she could possibly find and after 13 hrs 41 min she was just happy to say she ‘nailed it’!  : )