Local Singer tries out for Canadian Idol

Canadian Idol is looking for a new singing sensation and that search has taken them across the country, from Vancouver to Montreal, from Halifax to Edmonton, and yes, even to Tumbler Ridge. Local singer Krista Buck made the 12 hour trip to Vancouver to wait with 1200 hopefuls for a chance be one of the few called back to show her stuff to the four judges, Jake Gold, Sass Jordan, Farley Flex and Zach Werner. ?I wanted to try out last year, but was seven months pregnant,? says Krista, ?This year I decided that if I didn?t try out I would regret it. I love to sing and I?m confident in my ability?.

Krista?s parents made the trip to Vancouver with her, and spent the night standing in line at the Plaza of Nations so that Krista could get good nights sleep and not miss out on her chance to audition.

?We were supposed to each have four songs prepared for the audition? said Krista. ?The song selection was really important. The songs have to be songs you are comfortable with and they have to showcase your voice.? Krista sang ?Dream On? by Aerosmith and ?House of the Rising Sun? for her audition. The audition must have been fantastic because Krista was one of fourteen out of the original 1200, to get gold tickets, which meant she was going to Toronto to compete with the other 154 competitors from across Canada who made it to Toronto.

Once in Toronto, things were really busy. Krista said that the competitors were overall very friendly and she made some good friends, including her roommate Brandy Callahan who has managed to make it into the top ten. Krista commented that when Brandy sang other performers would stop and listen to her, she has an amazing voice that seems to capture people.

Krista was cut in the third round of eliminations, putting her into the top 100 of the thousands who tried out. ?It is really exciting to watch the show now that I know all of the competitors,? says Krista ?I would like to try out again next year.?

Congratulations on your amazing success Krista, and best of luck with your singing career.