Local Student Enters UNBC Competition

Trent Ernst, Editor
UNBC is looking for a Campus Correspondent, and local Aaron Wylie is looking to fill that position. He’s also looking for your help. 
Wylie, a student at Tumbler Ridge Secondary is one of 15 people planning on attending UNBC next year who has submitted a video to become the correspondent. And while the winning entry will be determined by a panel of judges, the top five entries that the judges will review are determined by popular vote. 
Wylie is currently in fifth place, but it’s tight, with only eight votes separating him from sixth place. He says there are a number of reasons why he wants to be campus correspondent. “It’s a year of full tuition, and that would really help,” says Wylie. “And it would be a really cool experience, cool to show the rest of Canada that someone from Tumbler Ridge can do these things.”
As campus correspondent, Wylie would be responsible in promoting UNBC and life in the north to the people attending UNBC, and people across Canada and around the world. His job would be to “tweet, post to facebook, do videos, write a blog.” He says he found out about the contest through a letter in his acceptance package and thought it would be a lot of fun (and a free year of university, did I mention that?)
But why him? “I’m adventurous and willing to try anything,” says Wylie. “I’m energetic. I could do a good job because I’m not afraid to try anything new. I’m always interested in exploring new opportunities, and into social networking.”
He says he brings with him a lifetime of experiences and stories from his time in Northern BC, like the time he, his dad, and his grandfather went fishing. “There was this big bull trout that my dad had been trying to catch for the longest time. We went out with grandpa, who came over from Australia, and he caught that bull trout dad had been chasing. I have tonnes of memories of going hiking, skiing, fishing.
According to Wylie, while the voting will continue to March for a $1000 Tuition Credit, on February 16, the videos will go to the judging panels. “I need to get as many votes as I can before then,” says Wylie. 
Wylie is planning on getting his bachelor of arts, and then moving on to being a rock star. “If that doesn’t work out, then probably something like politics.”