Local Takes First at Karate Provincials

Trent Ernst, Editor

Jewel Irving took first place in sparring for her age group at the 2012 Provincial Karate Championships held in Burnaby, B.C on November 17-19, and third in her kata division.

Also competing from Tumbler Ridge were Noah Tobin and Sensei Jason Farquharson.

Jewel competed in Kumite against eight other competitors in her division. “She had three matches and she won all of them, sweeping the gold medal,” says Tournament Coordinator Kurt Nordli.

Kumite literally means “meeting of hands”, and is a form of sparring. Kumite is practiced both as a sport and as self defence training.

In her Kata, says Nordli, Jewel was up against five other competitors, taking the bronze. “she took the bronze with a score of 21.3, gold had a score of 21.9 and silver 21.7 and the lowest score of the division was 20.5, so as you can see it was quite close,” says Nordli.

Kata is a detailed pattern of movements, with stepping and turning, while attempting to maintain perfect form and is practiced either solo or in groups of threes.

This was Noah’s third year at the provincial. Karen Irving said this was Tobin’s best year so far, though he did not take home any medals.

Noah and Jewels’ Sensei and coach is Jason Farquharson. He teaches Karate in Tumbler Ridge, Chetwynd and Hudson Hope.

For more information about Karate in Tumbler Ridge phone: 250-401-1130.

There were nearly 600 others competing at the tournament.