Local Teen wins “Big Fish” Award

Jordan Savard is a busy guy. He is actively involved in many school-related activities, one being Leadership. At the grand age of 13, he has a few extra-curricular accolades under his belt as well.

This boy loves to fish. Savard has been fishing half of his life already. He recalls that his first catch was when he was seven, while fishing with his grandparents in Alberta.

At the end of February, Canadian Sportfishing Productions, Inc. did a phone interview with Savard, in regards to his ?Big Fish Award? (for Chum Salmon). Savard was on a fishing trip last summer, in Kitimat, BC on July 22nd. This was on the heels, (or fins) of winning the regional championship for Walleye in 2002. Canadian Sportfishing Productions will be sending out prizes to him, in the way of fishing hooks, jackets, and chairs as well as an award certificate bearing his name.

Savard?s telling of the prize-winning day is no fish tale. He was in the waters in Kitimat, dressed in hip-waders. All of a sudden he felt a pull and recounts, ?You don?t know what?s on the other end, it?s pulling you and you just GO.? He felt his hip-waders filling up and he says he got pretty nervous. ?You feel the pull and you go, you pull the fishing rod back so there?s no slack?. Sounds like a winning method, as the fish weighed in at 28 lbs and measured 40 inches long. The fish was done for, hook, line and sinker.