Local teens celebrate summer with KGB Games

What were those people doing driving around with red KGB Police signs in their front windows and pink streamers blowing from their antennas on July 1st?

The occupants of these vehicles were volunteers taking part in a town wide game of KGB. The youth of Tumbler enjoyed an afternoon of great exercise and a lot of fun running from these water gun armed KGB thanks to these volunteers.

The goal of the game is to make it from the Teen Centre to Claude Galibois without being spotted by one of the KGB or Police. If you are spotted, you start over at the teen centre and get a mark on your hand. The winner is the first to arrive at Claude Galibois without being caught. This year?s winner was Amanda Thomas, who managed to evade the sharp eyes and water guns of the KGB.

All participants were treated to a barbeque and ice cream following the game. Thanks to all who took part in this event. Watch for many more teen activities this summer including JAM, repelling, hiking, and many other exciting activities.