Long time residents leave Tumbler Ridge for new opportunities

Long time residents leave Tumbler Ridge for new opportunities

Russ Webb, well known through this work with Marriage and Family Therapy, Employment and Family Assistance Programs and hsi work at Northern Health will be relocating with his family to Medicine Hat. He will be taking a position at the Medicine Hat College as an instructor in the counseling program.

Tina has been active in the Scouting movement in Tumbler Ridge as well as her considerable committment to local clubs and organizations. She is hoping to secure a position in the school system in Medicine Hat as support staff. Sons Michael and Jacob will be going into Grades 9 and 4.

The move from the mountains to the dry, aird plains of Medicine Hat will be a different experience. The family will be trading in the familiar sights of deer and bear for herds of antalope with can often be seen leaping over fences in that area. With the TransCanada highway on the Medicine Hat doorstep, and the close proximity to the US Border, the door is open for many new and positive experiences.

In the ten years that they have lived in Tumbler Ridge, the Webb family says, ?Tumbler Ridge has treated them very well.?

Webb says, ?The staff at the Health Centre have been phenomenal people to work with and they are highly dedicated and loyal.?

Darwin Wren will be talking over the posiiton of Addications and Case Counselor as well as clinical lead.

Tumbler Ridge wishes the family all the best in their new home. There many contributions to the fabric of the community will be missed.