Lonny Miller appointed as Chief Administrative Office

TUMBLER RIDGE – The District of Tumbler Ridge has hired a new Chief Administrative Officer. Lonny Miller hails from Burns Lake where he currently holds the position of Chief Administrative Officer. Lonny has worked for the Village of Burns Lake for 19 years and has served in various capacities. Lonny?s strong leadership abilities will allow him to guide the District of Tumbler Ridge through the many and varied changes being imposed by the increased resource development. Mayor, Council and Staff feel that Mr. Miller will be an asset to the District and the community in his role of Chief Administrative Officer.

Lonny will be in the office for ten days commencing March 13 although his official start date is not until April 1, 2006. ?I am looking forward to working with Mayor Caisley and Council and appreciate the confidence that they have bestowed in me.? Lonny goes on to say, ?although I have not yet met all of the staff, I believe that they are a very capable and dedicated team.?

Lonny and his wife Sandy are very excited about relocating to Tumbler Ridge and being a part of its vibrant future. In response to an interview question Lonny said, ?In a recent visit to Tumbler Ridge, Sandy and I fell in love with the charm and character of this very modern friendly community. We are both community-minded and looking forward to participating in the many groups and organizations.?