Looking for Rose

Looking for Rose?s monument/tombstone/head stone/grave stone has not been very successful. Come to Room 1 at the Community Centre on Thursday, July 30th and join others Looking for Rose. For information call Ellen at 242-5283 or e-mail: sager@pris.bc.ca

What can the monument tell you? It can tell you the birth and death dates, parents, siblings, children, cause of death, occupation, maiden name, ethnic origin, etc. My grandfather was a lighthouse keeper and married my grandmother in 1917. My mother was born Feb. 1919 and my grandfather drowned in Nov 1919 when going to buy fish from a fishing boat and the fishing boat did not see him and ran him down. I presumed his body was never found and thus there was no record of his death. The only information I had was his parents? names on the marriage certificate. By googling the surnames I found a web site that had the cemetery where they were buried and to top it off there was a contact who had pictures of all the monuments. On the monument it says, ?Thomas Douglas, light keeper, accidentaly drowned Nov. 17, 1919.? Whether his body is there or not he is memorialized. Of course, the bonus was that there was information about others in his family.

Ontario has transcribed approximately 95% of the cemeteries in Ontario. I just finished inputting the information on the monuments at our small church cemetery where my family is buried and my brother was the last burial so this information will be available in booklet form and on a CD. If you are computer illiterate you can buy the booklets if you know the cemetery. If you need to do a search it is possible to contact people in the various locations; however, finding a computer literate person could be a help because there are lots of chances to search for information. Come to the meeting on July 30th and meet others who are addicted to Looking for Rose. Enjoy Looking for Rose.