Looking for Rose

In Looking for Rose I have found that she died in 1952 in Los Angeles and her married name was Poore. (Rose had written a postcard from Seattle in 1909 to Uncle William in Schomberg, Ontario. For years I could not connect her but by contacting someone from the Ontario Genealogical Society I found from the census records that her father had moved to southwest Ontario and had eight children. I had found Rose. Rose was teaching near Santa Barbara in California.) How did I find more information? I went to the library and when you go into the web site of the library you click on ?find articles? and scroll down and you will find Ancestry Library Edition. You must be physically in the library.

For the computer illiterates one way of Looking for Rose is to find some local history books. If you are looking for Janet Hartford you can look in Dr. Charles Helm?s books, Tumbler Ridge Enjoying its History, Trails and Wilderness and Exploring Tumbler Ridge. In the former book on page 121 it states: ?Tumbler Ridge matriarch Janet Hartford was a teenager at Kinuseo Falls in 1939, and terrified those who watched her ascend the cliff beside Kinuseo Falls. She was guided on horseback to Monkman Lake.? Janet?s daughter has also published a family cookbook that has many family pictures.

For the computer literate you can research newspapers. Many charge for Looking for Rose but Tumbler Ridge News search of the archives is free. You go to www.tumblerridgenews.com and click on ?Archives.? You can then search after January 1, 2001. If you put ?Janet Hartford? in you will get 77 hits. You will find in the December 3, 2008 issue the museum unveiled two exhibits, Janet being one of them. ?The second [exhibit] celebrates Janet Hartford, the esteemed ?Matriarch of Tumbler Ridge?, who has done so much for the community since its inception 27 years ago. In addition to the unveiling of text panels and photographs that detail her remarkable life and volunteerism, a specially commissioned painting of Janet by renowned local artist Joan Zimmer was unveiled.?

Again the computer literate can search some more. Who hasn?t googled his/her own name. Well, google ?Janet Hartford Tumbler Ridge.? You find many hits. One of the hits is my web site for the garden club. http://www.pris.bc.ca/sager/garden_club/Janet.html The Hartford Gardens (in front of the caboose) was named in honour of Janet who was one of the founding members of the Tumbler Ridge Garden Club. Moving from Dawson Creek in 1983 when Tumbler Ridge began, she taught out of an ATCO trailer before the school was built. Janet was a member of the Regional Hospital Board and a member of the Peace Liard Community Health Services Society. She sat on the Tumbler Ridge Library Board, was involved with the community Arts Council and received an Arts Council Award. When she used to organize the Tumbler Ridge Art Gallery, the TRISP?S Craft Fair in November and Ten Thousand Village Craft Sale in November, you would find her calling you to volunteer. She also produced the Millennium Daybook Calendar. As a member of the Tumbler Ridge Choral Society she sang in various events around town. A driving force in the fundraising team which raised $40,000 towards a swimming pool in Tumbler Ridge she was honoured with a plague at the swimming pool. There is the Tumbler Ridge Umbrella Committee, a group of community organizations representing all social organizations in the municipality and Janet was the representative for 49 Forever. She used to do a weekly write-up in the newspaper. Did you know 60 civil marriages have been performed in the community form April 1993 to 2000 by Janet as a Marriage Commissioner? Janet received the Queen?s Jubilee Award Medal in 2000 for volunteer efforts and work in building Canada and Canadian communities.

Keep Looking for your Rose. For those interested we are meeting again Thursday, August 27 at 1:00 p.m. in room 1 at the Community Centre. See you there.