Looking for Rose

Ellen Sager
Rose wrote a postcard in 1909 to her ‘Uncle William’ (my great grandfather) while he was in Schomberg, Ontario (just north of Toronto). The postcard said she was teaching near Santa Barbara in California.
Don’t throw away those postcards. They are full of information. For instance, I have a couple of postcards to ‘Uncle William’ from other nieces and great nieces. Uncle William must have been a real nice guy. Sara C. Cale wrote him and I looked and looked at William’s siblings’ families which I had quite complete information/ It didn’t occur to me  that once you marry, your spouse’s siblings’ families are now your nieces and nephews.
Well, William’s wife was Annie Armstrong and her sister was Mary Armstrong. Mary married Thomas Cooper and had four children and one was Sara. Mary died at an early age and Thomas re-married Maria Roy. Sara married Charles Baynes Cale and there was Sara C. Cale. I think the C. stands for Cooper. One of Sara’s children was Gertrude Edith Cale. G. E. Cale wrote a hand-drawn postcard to Uncle William and this was Gertrude.
Ancestry.com is the greatest site for genealogy enthusiasts. It costs over $300 a year but it is amazing what it can do for you. You can search census, arrivals, departures, voters’ lists and military data to list only a few. You can put your own family tree on it including pictures and stories. Then, it will tell you who else is looking for the same persons. Connections can be made with others searching the same persons and then you are able to find “live” relatives and this is one of the best results of searching. You can access ancestry.com at the library free of charge. Try it out.
There are so many other ways to search and many are free sites. All provinces have genealogy societies. Ontario has one for Ontario and then branches which are generally equated to the County divisions in Ontario. Tombstones are a great source of information and in Ontario you can buy cemetery transcripts. One of the cemeteries where many of my relatives are buried is the Bolton cemetery. Mary Armstrong, Sara’s mother, and her father, Thomas Cooper are buried there and, believe it or not, Thomas’ second wife Maria Roy.
With the help of someone from the Ontario Genealogical Society I found that, William’s brother, Charles (Rose’s father) had moved to southwest Ontario and had eight children listed on the census. I had found Rose.
Since then, I have tracked down Rose’s six grandchildren who are in California. I have met two of them and corresponded with two more. One of Rose’s daughters-in-law is still alive and the other just died last year.
It is great to meet other people who are searching their ancestry and who can share ideas on searching. If you are interested in joining a group please contact the library at 250-242-4778 or Ellen Sager at 250-242-5283 or e-mail: esp20092009@live.com.
Happy hunting.

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Looking for Rose

On July 8, 1909, exactly 100 years ago, Rose sat down at her place in Seattle, Washington and took out a postcard with the city of Seattle, Washington on it and wrote:

Dear Uncle, Lillie has just been talking of you and I wonder what you would think of a postal from me. We met here after a separation of eight years. I have gone both to High School, the Calif. State Normal school and am now teaching and shall be near Santa Barbara next year. Lovingly Rose E. Porter.

Then she addressed the postcard:

Mr. Wm Porter, Schomberg, Ontario.

In the early 1900s communication was largely by postcard. Being a collector I was very fortunate to receive many postcards from and to my relatives in the early 1900s. I have been Looking for Rose for a long time. William was the son of John who emigrated in 1832 from Yorkshire, England to Vaughan Township just north of Toronto. William then homesteaded in King Township just a little further north. This is where I grew up. I have a lot of information about John and his children; however, one son, Charles Edward moved to southwest Ontario to Lambton County. My mother?s notation was that the family lost touch with him. The only reference I have had was he was an executor of his father?s will and the will states he lived in Enniskillen Twp., Lambton County. There was no Rose in all the information I had and so I have been Looking for Rose for a long time. My membership to the Ontario Genealogical Society (http://www.ogs.on.ca/) had lapsed so I renewed it about a month ago and when I did this I found an e-mail address to the Lambton branch. Well, the e-mail I got back showed Charles Porter married to Elizabeth and there were eight children in the 1891 census. Rose was six years old and Lillie was ten. I found Rose. The bonus was that I found Lillie, too. But Looking for Rose did not end there. I went to the web site: www.familysearch.org and found more information and the best part, Rose?s middle name was Ellen. I also found her mother?s maiden name. So, end of story. No way. I am still Looking for Rose. How long did she teach? Did she stay in California? Did she marry? Did she have any childlren? Where and when did she die?

Are you Looking for your Rose? Would you like to meet with others interested in searching their ancestors? If you are computer literate there are so many sources of information – free and otherwise.

Ancestry.com costs about $300/year. The library has a library version of Ancestry.com not available at home but I believe in the library. I haven?t tried it yet. For the computer illiterates this would be a great opportunity for you to have others search some web sites for you. This would not mean that you would learn how to use the computer if you didn?t want to. I know some people will never use a computer but this doesn?t mean you must limit your search to calling and writing relatives.

If you are interested and have e-mail just e-mail sager@pris.bc.ca with the subject ?Looking for Rose? and tell me preferred days and times that you would be able to meet. If you are computer illiterate you can call me at 250-242-5283 or if you are in the library just leave a message telling days and times. Depending on the interest we might be able to form a Looking for Rose group to share our stories and our research information.

Enjoy Looking for Rose.

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