Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

A big thank you to everyone at Tumbler Ridge News for all the work they did to fight against Cancer in April with the Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil month. Your support and generosity made this year’s Daffodil Campaign a great success. 

By phoning all the businesses and getting commitments of daffodil purchases the pre-sales total was overwhelming. You were also instrumental in doing all the advertising for the campaign, including running ads for the Daffodil Day on April 27 and the importance of wearing the pin. Every week the write-up of Community individuals fighting the dreadful “Cancer” disease was inspiring. Great job!
The Society asks everyone to join the fight in April and wear the daffodil pin, a bright and helpful symbol of support for those affected by cancer and remembering of those we lost to this disease.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Tumbler Ridge News for assisting the members of the Lions Club of Tumbler Ridge and for all your help! We present you with this plaque to show our appreciations.
Lion Frank and Lion Grace
And the rest of the Tumbler Ridge Lions Club