Lucky the Wonder Horse

Lucky the Wonder Horse. Well you can already imagine the story behind this destined for tragedy story. This female Mustang that came down to Tumbler Ridge with RCMP Musical Ride announcer Hugh McLennan was once a nearly wild horse on the Deadman Creek Indian Reserve, a wilderness area between Sayona and Cache Creek, BC.

It was to the horse?s good fortune that a ranch wife happened to be driving along and spotted her and her foal in the line for a slaughterhouse. She made a deal to buy the foal and mother just before the truck headed to the slaughterhouse left.

In return payment for his breaking and training another gelding for this same lady, Lucky became McLennan?s. He remembers the mare, then about 7 years old, was a real challenge to break, as she had never been around many people before. But you can certainly see the results of the fine horsemanship skills as Lucky danced and trotted for us all on the day of the RCMP Musical Ride. And now you know how she got her name. Lucky was sponsored by the Grizzly Valley Saddle Club as part of the Adopt-A-Horse program for the Musical Ride.

With 41 riders in total, the other horses adopted and which performed in the Musical Ride are as follows: Heidi – Jim Kincaid; Indigo – Computer Solutions; Ksar – The Peats Family; Laredo and Ocean (2) ? Western Canadian Coal; Lenny and Loyal (2) – Grizzly Ridge Sand and Gravel; Matt – Gary Gurnsey; Mountie ? Prince George RCMP Detachment; Omar – Country Lane Creations; Oracle ? The Leadership Group; Oscar – Apex Optical; Ozzie – The Review Crew; Pac Man ? Tumbler Ridge Scouts Canada; Pappy ? Proteus; Pichou – Daniel and Carina Helm; Piper and Renoir – People? s Drug Mart; Rocamo – Musical Marmots Studio; Royal – Shop Easy; Salute – Teco Taxi; Sam – Lakeview Credit Union Sassy – The Foerster Family; Scotia and Tiara (2) – K.C. ?s Dollar Store; Sharrif – Michael Hunter; Steele – Robert Vandale; Taboo – Margaret Ritchie? Terror – Lorraine Drzimotta; Tess – Cheryl Hayden; Tundra – Diana Vandale? June – Destiny Vandale; Kassel – Smokee Blue Resources; Hope – Claudette Huber; Hector; Jade True Value and last nut not least, Shadow – Tumbler Ridge Town Council.