Luke’s Story

The Emergency Social Services Association gave a workshop for Tumbler Ridge last weekend (March 26-29). The seminar took place Friday, March 26th to Sunday March 28 at the Community Center. The ESSA (Emergency Social Services Association) seminar is a program that talks about what should be done to prepare ourselves, and the community, for the disasters that the town could go through

We had a couple of guest speakers at the seminar. The first meeting was introduced by Jerrilyn Schembri, the director of ESSA in Tumbler Ridge.

After the introduction Alvina Berggren spoke to us about being prepared for a disaster. She told us that we could be prepared by making an emergency kit. The kit could contain valuables, canned goods mini water containers and so on.

She asked us what we would do if a disaster had happened. She also spoke to us about the responses people would have if a disaster did happen. Some said people would have a lot of fear. One person said that some would handle it with a positive attitude.

On Saturday we had Bob Beckett, the Fire Chief of Langford Fire Department, come to town. He spoke to us about issues that have a big impact on volunteer organizations and the things that could keep them together. While we spoke about volunteer organizations, Brian referred to firemen.

During the time that we spoke of volunteer organizations he asked us to break up into groups of five and talk about issues that could break up volunteer organizations.

On Sunday we did a workshop called Reception Centre Operations, where we learned how to set up and operate a Reception Centre in a disaster. At a Reception Centre people receive assistance for 72 hours.