Mafia in Tumbler Ridge

Hey! Whassa matter for you? The mafia, gangsters, flappers, molls and everybody in between will be hiding in the shadows of a Speakeasy right here in Tumbler Ridge.

Theatre In the Ridge – Grizzly Valley Players will be hosting ?Murder at the Juice Joint?, a 1920?s theme Murder Mystery Party. It will take place on Saturday, March 14 at the Community Centre – Room 5, otherwise known as ?The Juice Joint?.

This is not a play where you sit and watch. It is an actual Murder Mystery that you dress in costume and come out and play. Only the Host Guide at the event will know who both the victim and murderer are and the rest of the public, along with the drama group, will be playing until the truth is revealed. You are all in the same boat and could possibly be sleeping wit da fishes.

Your ticket includes the following:

1) Invitation to the party

2) Gangster Gazette (newspaper to fill you in)

3) Character name and description. It is important that when you purchase your ticket, that you request either Male or Female. You will not be able to choose a character, as that is part of the surprise. Take advantage of getting your costuming together as early as possible. Many people are talented in costuming efforts and can put things together on their own, but the drama group will be purchasing costuming at an online site they have an account with. If you wish to browse the site and add your order to the drama group for a discounted price, you must contact Erin Hanna by February 25.

You will be purchasing the costume and will need to have payment up front. Theatre On The Ridge would greatly appreciate anyone who is disposing of their costumes after the party, please consider donating them to the drama club.

This is an adult event, with a cash bar. Your ticket price includes entrance to the party as well as appetizers. Please note this is not a full dinner party. Tickets are on sale at the front desk of the Community Centre as well as the Tumbler Ridge Pharmacy. There are limited tickets, due to the nature of the game. The character parts are on a first come-first serve basis and additional tickets for observers will be sold. With the observer status, you still dress up, still get to guess the Whodunnit part, but you will not have a list of objectives to fulfill, making the guess harder, of course.

Tickets are $20 per person or spouse discount for $15. If you wish to browse the costume site used by Theatre On the Ridge, the link is using search ?1920?. If you would like to take advantage of the discount through Theatre On The Ridge, please contact Erin @ 242-3364 with Product number, size and price of items.

Gangsters and Jazz Babies get your tommy guns and garters out and come and have a murderously good time!