Make Attendance in the House Easy to Track, NDP

The NDP candidate for Prince George ? Peace River has announced that, if elected, he would pursue a Private Members Bill that would make a Member of Parliament?s attendance in the House of Commons part of the public record.

Speaking with reporters at his Prince George Campaign Office, Michael Hunter said that voters and taxpayers deserve an easy way to determine how much time their Member of Parliament is spending in the House of Commons. ?We see Conservative MPs who have spent just two days in the last five months working on their constituents needs in the House,? the NDP candidate said. ?How can we believe that Steven Harper will hold the Liberals to account when he will not do it with his own caucus??

Hunter went on to state that he would make his own attendance public regardless of the outcome of any Private Member?s Bill. ?No matter what happens, I will make my attendance part of the public record and I invite all other candidates in the riding of Prince George ? Peace River to make that same commitment.?

Asked why he was pursuing the initiative Hunter said, ?It is imperative that we bring some openness, accountability and integrity to federal politics. The commitment to make my attendance part of the public record is simply another step in that direction, and goes with an earlier pledge I made to seek fixed, four-year terms for Members of Parliament.?

Questioned further about whether or not he expects to be successful with the Bill, Hunter said, ?Absolutely. There is good reason for MPs of every party to support a measure that will make government more open and more accountable. For those few who may not support the initiative, my response would be to ask what they are afraid of.?