Makin Magic show a success

Tumbler Ridge residents were treated to a 90-minute magic show, starring John Kaplin, with assistance from Gabriela Kriss, Rachel Dyer, and Rexdale the Wonder Rabbit. Sleight of hand, card tricks and illusions to baffle and amaze entertained the almost 300 strong audience at the Curling Rink on Monday, May 12.

The event was a blend of intrigue and humour with a very clever use of music, a great family event. Some of the acts required audience participation, a psychic orange, (a twist on the familiar mind reading act), a levitating surfboard and ?Saw a Person in Half? starring prize winner Jason Collison.

The audience had the opportunity to purchase Kaplin?s Makin Magic DVD, Magic box sets and trick playing cards.

The show closed with an interpretation of Houdini?s, ?The Metamorphosis?.

The Makin Magic?s next show is at Beaverlodge but if you want to see their full schedule go to

Joy McKay, Tumbler Ridge Days Society coordinator said, ?We exceeded the 200 people that we expected?. The Society raised approximately $500 for Grizfest from this event.