Making TR beautiful

Lynsey Kitching


It takes many hands to make light work. The many hands of the Garden Club and the Public Works’ team banded together this summer to keep the Hartford garden’s looking bright, cheerful and inviting.

Ellen Sager, president of the Garden Club says, “We take care of the gardens, the Hartford gardens at the caboose. We purchase the plants; we plant them, water and weed all summer. I am here to thank Public Works who do the lawn cutting and the trimming and they painted the caboose this year, which looks great, and they also provided some big tubs as well, that make it look good. The raised beds there are the children’s beds and the kindergarten class comes there in the spring and plants them. They grew really well this year,” she continues, “Without Public Works doing the grass, we just wouldn’t be able to do it. We appreciate that.”

Council echoed these sentiments and also recognized the hard work of the ladies who tend to the garden. Councillor Snyder says, “I don’t want to take anything away from the Public Works department because they do a fine job, but I’ll tell you, you and your band of young ladies, you’re the ones that make that look beautiful over there.”

In the same light Councillor Mackay says, “It’s an incredible amount of work that takes place down there and I’m convinced gardening is harder than farming. It’s all bending over, there is no machinery. The work you have done there is tremendous. I think everyone appreciates that effort.”