Mass Registration or Mass Hysteria?

According to Cheryl Hayden, Administrator and Events Coordinator for the Tumbler Ridge Community Centre, Mass Registration doesn?t vary greatly from year to year in the public?s attendance. Hayden had this to say about the annual meet and greet on September 3rd.

?It seemed to bring out about the same number of people.  I have noticed that in the last couple of years that there are more interest groups coming that are more recreation-related, as to signing up for specific programs for the year like Minor Hockey, Figure Skating, Drama and etcetera.

It may have been the sudden rush at the beginning of the evening that made it seem so busy at times, but it certainly had many people working their way through the crowd and on occasion a few traffic jams inside. The tables are typically spread out from the foyer at the main doors of the Community Centre and wind through to the fireside lounge. The event ran from 7:00 ? 9:00 pm and seemed quite busy up until about 8:30 pm.

Mass Registration is an excellent opportunity for the public to come out and see what programs, clubs and organizations exist in town. It is equally an excellent opportunity for the leaders of these organizations to be able to inform the public of their group?s purposes and goals. Tables for interested organizations were arranged through the front desk of the Community Centre prior to Mass Registration, which was sponsored by the District of Tumbler Ridge.