Mass Registration ? Signing up for Season

The Community Mass Registration night was, once again, a huge success. In preparation for the coming year, a record 40 tables were set up featuring various clubs, organisations, and volunteering opportunities.

There was a steady stream of people browsing the offerings. The following is a list of organizations represented at Mass Registration: Scrapbooking,(call Maureen Gilfillan or drop by her shop downtown) Theatre on the Ridge, (contact Erin Hanna) TRUMP, (Brian Bray) Arts Council,(Brian Sipe) Minor Hockey, (Roxanne Gale) Scouts, (Kevin Pack) Community Choir, (Dawn Wagner) TR Counselling Services, (Russ Webb or Jeanette Dixon) Garden Club, (Ellen Sager) Figure Skating Club, Northern Lights College, (Carolyn Golightly) Badminton,(Rolf RaquƩ) TR Public Library, (Michelle Burton) Junior Rangers, (Glenn Miller or Michelle Burton) Hospice Palliative Care, (Doug Foerster or Ann Jewra) TR Fire Department, (Dan Golob), 49 Forever, (Janet Hartford) Wolverine Mountain Nordic Society, (Kevin Sharman) Children?s Programs, TRCCS, (Tumbler Ridge Children?s Community Centre , Juanita MacNeil or Angie Collison) TRBBBR, ( Boards, Bikes, Blades and Rock ? Larry White) Museum Foundation, (Rose Colledge) C.O.P.S., (Ed Theide) Power Skating, (Sherry Golob) Curling Club, (Carmen Pegg) Quilt Guild, TR Pipers Band, (Joe Tummonds) Art Show Committee, (Janet Hartford) TR Search and Rescue, (Al Chamberlain or Rob Vandale) TR Golf and Country Club, (Ken Guske) Snowmobile Club, (Nigel Black) Darts, (Amanda Battenfelder) District of Tumbler Ridge (Rose Colledge), Dino Days, (Florence Sterling) St. Paul?s Church, Royal Purple, Belly Dancing (Janet Delpierre ? Call the Community Centre front desk) and Tae Kwon Do (Parnell Kirby).

With such a wide variety of opportunities to choose from, there is something for everyone. So, if you have moved to Tumbler Ridge and are looking to get involved, look no further?.just give your group of choice a call and sign up.

Do you have a group event that you would like coverage for? Give us a call, either at the office – 242-5343 or email us at You can also use this local newspaper for community events notices.