Mayor and Council Christmas Message 2007

On behalf of our Council and Staff, I want to take this opportunity to wish all our residents and their families a merry Christmas and a safe, prosperous and healthy New Year.

Each year at this time, we gather together to say good-bye to another year of hard work and effort. It is a time to celebrate the accomplishments we have achieved and to raise the level of our performance to the degree necessary to successfully accomplish the goals and objectives established for the New Year.

We welcome the New Year with a renewed sense of pride and belief in knowing our community will continue to grow and prosper in 2008.

We have now completed two years as your elected Council.

The past twelve months has been of critical importance to our Community as we continue to update and finalize the bylaws, incentives and marketing strategies necessary in attracting outside investment. Much has been accomplished, in terms of growth and development. Your Council is continuing to move Tumbler Ridge forward in a positive and sustainable manner. Council will continue to manage our community?s affairs in a professional and ethical manner. We will not deviate from ensuring our residents overall well being is our primary motivation in every decision that is made on behalf of our residents.

The success of any group undertaking is solely dependent upon the capabilities of a highly effective and motivated work force. Mr. Lonny Miller, Chief Administrative Officer and his team of highly qualified and effective personnel have contributed immeasurably to our success over the past two years. This includes, Clark Hazlehurst, Public Works Operations Manager, Cheryl Hayden, Director of Community Services, Dan Golob, Fire Chief/Bylaw Enforcement Officer, Kim Isaak, Corporate Officer/Deputy CAO, Trevor Seibel, Chief Financial Officer, Ray Proulx, Economic Development Officer and their respective staff members.

Our businesses and volunteers have been absolutely first class in supporting the many community events that took place in 2007. Their unwavering support and involvement has led to an increased feeling of pride and how we feel about Tumbler Ridge. On behalf of Council and our residents, I want to extend a very special ?thank you? for the very hard work and dedication demonstrated by all of you.

In closing, I would like to share our list of key accomplishments for 2007.

?Hiring of a Building Inspector

?Hiring of a Bylaw Officer

?Adoption of New Zoning Bylaw

?Partnership for a Convention

Centre in the new Days Inn Hotel

?Purchased Claude Galibois School

?Construction of a Recycling Building

?Major Improvements to Town Hall

?Approved Building Permits totaling in excess of $13.216 million

?Distributed Annual Citizens Survey

?Completed Fairgrounds Feasibility Study

?Celebrated the Fire Department?s 25th


?Upgraded the Lectranator system and the sound system at the Community Centre

?Continued with sidewalk replacement and asphalt upgrades

?New curb, gutter and paving stones in the downtown core

?Undertook Retail/Service Expansion and Recruitment Opportunity Survey

?Tourism Investment Survey

?Hosted Northeast BC Community Coal Forum

?Development of a Select Committee for the Developmentof a Museum

?Development of a Select Committee on Senior?s Needs

?Development of a Land Disposition Strategy as a guide for the disposition of raw land

?Adopted new governancemodel for Council

?Upgraded District of Tumbler Ridge?s IT System

?Implemented Visa, MC and Amex payments for the District allowing residents to pay by these methods.