Mayor Kruk wins National Solar Award

DAWSON CREEK ? Mayor Calvin Kruk stepped into the national spotlight in Toronto on November 20 to receive the Solar Leader of the Year award from Canadian Solar Industry Association (CanSIA). The award is given annually to political leaders who provide leadership and vision in promoting the use of solar technologies nationally.

Winning over stiff competition from candidates like Toronto Mayor David Miller and Kelowna Mayor Sharon Sheppard, Mayor Kruk joins the rank of past winners including the Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty.

?Once again I am thrilled to have the spotlight put on Dawson Creek,? says Kruk. ?We are being rewarded for finding sustainable solutions to common problems through the use of renewable energy.?

The solar initiatives in the City of Dawson Creek recognized by the award include:

?The solar hot water systems installed at City Hall and the Fire Hall with others planned for the RCMP station and the Municipal airport. ?The City?s partnership with Northern Lights College in bringing forward the Energy House on the Dawson Creek campus that will be a showcase for environmental design, renewable energy training and education. ? The City?s installation of solar powered pedestrian lighting.

?As Mayor of Dawson Creek, Calvin Kruk has not only shown leadership in the application of solar technology, but is also looking to strategically enable its wide spread use in the future,? says Elizabeth McDonald, Executive Director of CanSIA.

Currently, Mayor Kruk is the co-chair of the 100,000 Solar Roofs Roadmap project that is now underway in British Columbia under the sponsorship of the Ministers of Environment, and Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources. The goal of the program is to create a 100,000 Solar Roofs Roadmap that defines the strategy and action plan for promoting the use of solar energy in BC.