Mayor?s Musings

April 09

With the melting of snow comes two realities, no more skiing and all the potholes are exposed. For some reason this year has been very harsh on our roads, but crews have been out cleaning and repairing the streets. It is evident that we need to repave many of our streets but the difficulty is with our catch basins. As with much of our infrastructure, these hidden items in our drainage system have seen better days. They are crumbling at an accelerating rate and it is of no value to spend money repaving the road until we can replace them. We would just have to dig up the road again to replace the basin. This not so insignificant component of our system will cost almost $3.5M over the next five years.

As you may have seen in this paper, the federal and provincial governments have provided us with several grants which will reduce the amount that we had planned to borrow for items such as the community centre and catch basins. The total for this year?s grants and fair share funding will amount to just over $2.2M. This is a very welcome addition to our budget. But these grants just don?t appear at our doorstep. They are the result of many hours of work by town staff personnel, who are to be commended for their success rate.

The senior needs committee continues to meet and we are happy to say that the youth centre and seniors? corner will open soon .

We are pursuing two housing initiatives for the seniors and disabled housing . One proposal from the BC Housing Corporation is most promising and I hope to report in more detail in next month?s musings.

A further phone conversation with our potential dentist was very positive. This is a very big project and does not happen overnight. There is only one item to be resolved before we can officially state a commencement and a completion date and I hope to have news soon.

The provincial election is underway and I hope all will exercise their democratic right.

No doubt you have heard the proposal for a biomass power generating plant in our area. It is in the very early stages with many hoops to jump through and many questions to be answered. Council endorses the concept as this would answer our power outage worries, do something with the pine trees, and create employment, but I don?t wish to suggest that this is a done deal. I can say that we will investigate. I am pleased to see that the plant would be considered a green and carbon neutral facility.

And finally, another true Tumbler saga. One thing that is nice when visiting a large city is there is a greater availability of entertainment, particularly in an NHL city. This particular city is far from Tumbler. So what of our intrepid resident, who is starved of good live hockey and does not have a ticket. Only thing to do is to approach a scalper for a front row seat. Having doled out the required amount to gain access, this individual approached the entrance with ticket in hand and attempts to go through the turnstile. A large body blocks the way and says, I?m sorry, but this ticket is for next week?s game. The scalper was nowhere to be seen.


Larry White