Mayor?s Musings

I trust everyone had a great summer and you are enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

This week most of Council is at the UBCM (Union of BC Municipalities) conference. This is our one occasion in the year to have personal one on one contact with the Ministers and MLAs and to discuss issues that are common to all our municipalities. Also at these conventions is major industry and connecting with them to get our name out is vital to our community.

We are meeting with the Minister of Health to discuss the inadequacies in health care as outlined in the comparative study.

The meeting with the Minister of Forests and Range and the Minister of the Environment will be to discuss the road to Monkman Park and the condition of the park.

Our meeting with the Minister of Energy and the Minister of Forests and Range is to discuss the Biomass projects. We need some fuel commitment from government to make this a reality. While I was in Vancouver last week I was contacted by another biomass company and met with them twice. They are very interested, but again, nothing can happen until we get the cooperation of government.

As well there are meetings with the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Housing and with the Northern Liberal Caucus.

Survey of the land for the seniors? housing was completed and we are awaiting a meeting with BC Housing to discuss numbers, design and management/operation arrangements.

We were fortunate to receive a grant for $1M to help offset some of the costs for the renovations to the community centre. Work will be starting shortly.

Our next town hall meeting will be October 22 and you are invited to come with your questions.


Larry White