MCL Auto becomes Certified Goodyear Tire Store and Repair Facility

Trent Ernst, Editor

It came as a surprise to owner and operator Mark Walsh when MCL Auto was selected to be the first independent store in the Peace Region to become a Certified Goodyear Tire Store and Repair Facility.

While the Fountain Tire chain also remains Goodyear Certified, Walsh says, as an independent, he is generally able to meet or beat their prices, as he is able to set his own prices. “We don’t have to go by their guidelines or pay franchise fees. We are an independent Goodyear store.”

Walsh said typically, stores have to pursue the certification process, but in the case of MCL, Goodyear pursued them. “They have recognized us for outstanding service, honesty and staying loyal to our community, helping out and going the extra mile to help people in hard times.”

He’s not sure how they heard about MCL, though he suspects word might have made its way back to Goodyear from the companies working on the Meikle Wind Project. “They approached me because they heard that we provided outstanding service. They heard a lot of good reviews about us, and I think it came from places like Borea and Mortenson…all the big companies that have been working here, and they’ve been saying that you can’t get better service than here.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean the company is Goodyear exclusive, and still carry most brands of tires.

Walsh moved to Tumbler Ridge about a decade ago and opened the store five years back. “At that time there were many fleets that provided business to us as well as the community. When fleets left and many had to leave our little town as times got tough for us all. With being blessed and working together, having our customers/ friends care we have been able to remain open.”