The turnout at the polls on March 8 (Saturday) was steady as 346 residents cast their ballots at the Community Centre.

Four candidates were running for the two positions open on Council; with the vacancies created by the resignation and subsequent move of Brian Sipe to Gravelburg, Saskatchewan, and the resignation of Pernell Kirby.

Candidate Bill Hendley received 16 votes on February 27 in the advance polls, and 16 on March 3rd. 146 ballots were cast for Hendley on March 8th giving him an overall vote of 178.

Ryan Murray received 20 votes on February 27 and 10 votes on March 3rd in the advance polls. Murray received 146 votes on March 8th, bringing his total to 176.

Winning candidate Jerrilyn Schembri received 13 and 11 votes respectively in the advance polls, and 193 on March 8th, bringing her total to 217.

Don McPherson received the most votes in this election, with a total of 235; 207 at the ballot box on Saturday, and 15 and 13 votes in the two advance polls. McPherson will bring experience to the position, having successfully run for Council in 2001 in the May 12 By-election. In that election 294 ballots were cast out of an estimated 1796 voters.

Schembri and McPherson will fill their positions for seven months and will then join their fellow councillors and the mayor in the general elections that will be held in November, 2008.

Congratulation to both on their wins. We will look forward to seeing them in Council Chambers.