Medical Travel Aid Booklets

 You have just found out that you are being referred to another centre for medical treatment – Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Prince George or Vancouver.  The stress of the moment sometimes makes one unable or unwilling to take the time and use services available for such times.  The Medical Travel Aid Booklets provide information for your assistance.  Information about the hospitals, about travelling to the centre, about accommodation, about contacts, etc. are contained in these booklets.  The printed copy is available at the Medical Centre, the counselling office or upon request to Ellen at 250-242-5283 or e-mail  The web site is

 What type of information is there?  TR Cares van will transport you to Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John and Grande Prairie free upon request and availability of a volunteer driver.  This is part of the Northern Health Connections bus system throughout the north.  You can travel from Prince George to Vancouver for $40 return and your companion can accompany you for the same price.  Would flying be better?  HOPE Air provides flights for an administration fee (was $50/person) to any centre if you financially qualify and contact them in time to make arrangements.  There is Northern B.C.?s Friends of Children located in Prince George.  If you have a child needing medical treatment the society will assist you in arrangements and sometimes even financially. 

 What about accommodation?  Depending on where you are going the ?deals? vary.  In Edmonton there is a list of places including private homes that will charge $10 or $25 or a donation to a charity.  What a help in stressful times.  If going to Grande Prairie, as an example, ask for the list of hotels that offer medical rates at your pre-op meeting and get the sheet signed to give to the hotel to get the medical rate.  Sometimes the medical rate is not cheaper than a regular rate.  In Grande Prairie I was surprised that

Stanford Inn was listed with the best medical rate and I had visions of it being a dump.  Well, surprise, surprise.  It was a beautiful kitchenette unit with toaster, stove, fridge, microwave, coffee pot and even microwave popcorn.  Prince George  and Vancouver have Easter Seal Houses which are supported by the Lions. What do you need to know about transportation in the centres, hospital information like what to take, visitors? hours, etc.  This type of information is in the booklets.  The booklets are designed for you to have them with you and make notes, etc.  Information on Medic Alert, Life Line, etc. is also there for general information.  If you do not have a GPS gadget then you can use the internet to draw you the directions to hospitals, accommodation, services, etc.  Information on Cancer Societies, Diabetes, travelling with diabetes, travelling to the United States (needing a passport if by plane), are some of the things that might be helpful.  Links to weather and road conditions are on the web site.  There is financial assistance from different organizations including our local Lion?s Club.

If you can provide information that can be included please call Ellen at 250-242-5283 or e-mail at

What is important is to have the information so a decision can be made that will make it less stressful.  The information does become dated; therefore, I caution you to contact services for up-to-date rates and information.  Your feedback is appreciated.