Medical Travel Aid

Have you been referred to another centre for medical procedures? The Medical Travel Aid Booklets (Dinohelps) are booklets which provide you with general information regarding transportation such as TR Cares, Northern Health Connections bus and HOPE AIR, financial assistance, the cancer society, travelling with diabetes, etc. The cities, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Prince George and Vancouver are the centres I have researched. Accommodation is particularly important and many centres provide medical rates. I have researched Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek and Fort St. John and will be targetting Prince George and Vancouver shortly. Examples of information are that HOPE AIR provides ?free? airfare to centres in Canada if you financially qualify and you are able to plan a bit in advance (There is an administrative fee but the service is available for you and a companion). Friends of Children in Prince George assist planning your trip and may assist financial. The Tumbler Ridge Lions Club assists individuals who are in need. The TR Cares van goes to Dawson Creek on a regular basis on Thursdays but it will also go to Chetwynd, Fort St. John and Grande Prairie. It will pick you up from the hospital if you need a ride home. Northern Connections buses service northeastern B.C. An example is that they go through Chetwynd to Prince George and then to Vancouver. It is $20 return within one zone so Chetwynd to Prince George is $20. To Vancouver from Prince George is two zones so it is $40 return. You have to stay overnight in Prince George and there is an Easter Seal House with very good rates. Another example of great accommodation is the Westin Hotel in Edmonton that is free to cancer patients. In Edmonton there is a list that includes private homes which can be from $10/night and up or just a donation. There are methods of not ruining you financially.

These booklets are available at the medical clinic or the counselling office or by phoning Ellen at 250-242-5283 or e-mail: The information is also on my website:

There are pamphlets regarding some services including MedicAlert. I have coupons available with $35 off a new membership package but the offer ends May 31, 2008. You can call me or check with the pharmacy. You think you don?t need MedicAlert because there is nothing wrong with you. You might consider the fact that if you cannot speak for yourself doctors will hesitate doing certain treatments in the event that you might have allergies or some other medical conditions. By getting a membership that says you have no problems and who your contact in emergency is makes a lot of sense. By the way, children ages 4 – 14 can get a MedicAlert free. Contact the Lions Club for that information.

Some people ask about whether Tumbler Ridge can be serviced by services for persons living alone and afraid they will need help and there will be no one that they can contact. I checked Telecare and Lifeline and both have such services available in Tumbler Ridge. These pamphlets will be available in the booklets shortly.

Any information you can give me or recommendations regarding content to the booklets are welcomed. These booklets are for you to take with you and include blank paper, a cover sheet to hold pamphlets you get from your doctor, pens, garbage bags for the car, etc. There is no charge.

Thanks to Tumbler Ridge News for the donation of printing, REMAX (Claudette Hubert and Brenda Banham) for duotangs and paper, Xerox for paper, and the Lions Club.